Berling Media plans next steps for traditional and new media production

In this article, Berling shares what they want to achieve with PagePlanner and how they plan to do it.

Streamline print and digital production

“We need to streamline the production of our magazines for not only print but also digital channels in order to reach a wider readership. This requires a better system for planning and publishing than we have today,” says Lotta Petersson, Production Manager at Verbum, part of Berling Media.

“Our growing contract publishing services are another area that are poised to create new revenue streams starting next year. To do this successfully, without significantly increasing human resources, requires a better system.”

Different ways of working

At Berling’s Swedish office, the company signed last week an agreement to implement PagePlanner as its multi-channel publishing system. With PagePlanner acting as the production hub, each publication can have better control of content and quality.

Terje Olsen, Consultant and Technical Director for PagePlanner, welcomes new customer Berling media. “Berling has a clear vision of what they want to achieve with a modern cross-media publishing platform. We are very happy to be selected and look forward to an interesting, challenging and fruitful partnership.”

There will be a gradual implementation and change at Berling over the next months both from the technical and organisational side. The four systems that are used to manage advertisements, web content, images and file handling will be integrated with PagePlanner in order to move data automatically from one system to another.

“The way we work today is fairly manual. With better tools, we hope that planning is easier and duplication of tasks is reduced. A modern editorial system is not just a tool for us, it also means a different way of working. During implementation we will work a lot with change management to enable us to achieve our goals,” concludes Petersson.

About Berling Media Group

Berling is a Swedish media company that offers a wide range of books, magazines, digital solutions and events to support furthur education, faith and philosophy of life. Berling has over 150 employees.