What we do

PagePlanner is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo (HQ) and Bangalore/India.

We are a specialized software development company (since 2002) within the content industry. We help content creators (eg. media/magazines, newspapers, content publishers, trade press, business, etc.) with the complete workflow from planning to published content for print or web (magazines, web articles or digital issues).

PagePlanner will make your workflow process much more efficient and you will profit on the time saved. Our focus is to provide companies with a professional tool for all kinds of content production: a magazine, a financial report, a newspaper, a company brochure, a digital issue or an article for web – its all covered! PagePlanner is cloud based and under continuously development.

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Who we are

Who we are

We like our clients to think of us as their publishing partner - an extension of their own team, someone who brings new ideas, approaches and resources. We’re motivated by the close relationships we have with our customers and the positive feedback we receive. We have a practical approach so that we can quickly get to the point and address the problems most important to you. We are here for you. Our success is measured by how much value we can bring to your organisation - according to your unique definition of value.