Rapid print to web publishing

Making it easier: This is how print-web publishing can be done with one click

26.June 2017

Cut and paste, upload and download – these actions are part of every day for many production teams. Cannot the […]

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Berling Media

Berling Media plans next steps for traditional and new media production

25.June 2017

In this article, Berling shares what they want to achieve with PagePlanner and how they plan to do it.

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Two minutes too much? 5 Ways to Improve Magazine Production

6.April 2017

Two minutes doesn’t seem like much. When does it make a difference? To many people it won’t, but consider magazine […]

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Tansa proofing system integrated with PagePlanner

PagePlanner and Tansa shave hours off magazine production

18.March 2016

PagePlanner has integrated with Tansa System’s proofing tool to help magazine publishers of all sizes shave hours off production cycles […]

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Improve your publishing efficiency: A guide for assessing your workflow

19.February 2016

The editorial process involves many people and many stages, often running in parallel or overlapping.  It can be difficult to […]

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3 steps to the right editorial system

7.January 2016

It’s a confusing landscape out there. There are many software products for editors, designers and content development teams that look […]

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How good is your publishing workflow? Here is a 5-point checklist for you to use.

20.August 2015

How good is your workflow? Are your teams working together well or is it a scramble to reach deadlines? Are you spending a lot of resources on minor details instead of the big picture? How much more efficient could you be, really?

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Hand-drawn flatplan

6 Simple Time-Saving Tips to Improve Your Magazine’s Flatplan

4.August 2015

Flatplanning, which is a map of a magazine issue that shows where editorial and advertising pages will appear, is the […]

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