Product Overview

PagePlanner is the ultimate content production tool for Print and Web, helping you Plan, Create, Publish and Manage your content. It doesn’t matter if its a magazine, a financial report, a newspaper, a company brochure, a digital issue or an article for web – its all covered. Its designed to help publishers, agencies and companies to produce quality content faster and more effectively – all in one tool.



  • Implement your content strategy

  • Plan and organize several publications/articles simultaneously

  • Plan a specific issue, or any other content, and learn to love templates - automating processes without sacrificing creative freedom

  • Plan production by having full preview of all pages (flatplan of stories, ads and images)

  • Plan resource usage - assign specific stories to internal staff and external content contributors (they receive automatic email alerts)

  • Key benefits:

  • Envision the entire layout

  • Total control and full overview of the issue creating process, all in one place

  • Save time and achieve maximum efficiency (templates/assigning tasks)



  • Single point of content creation - in client software or from web browser/content portal (eliminate emails and cloud storage for creation)

  • By using web browser (content portal) a large number of internal staff or external content contributors, can produce assigned stories directly into PagePlanner

  • Place ads and images on dedicated pages

  • Use the fast and powerful text editor with overflow functionality - everyone can enter, store and change text

  • Advanced integration with Adobe InDesign (full 2-way sync)

  • Key benefits:

  • Collaboration between everyone involved in the content production process: content contributors, production coordinators, editors, designers, etc.

  • Clearly defined workflow

  • Track story and layout progress - see your publication develop in real-time

  • Save time and achieve maximum efficiency, single point input and less use of email and cloud storage (e.g dropbox)



  • One-click publish to Print, Web and Digital Issues

  • Export same story, or customize it, directly to WEB (CMS)

  • Possible to create a single PDF of the entire issue

  • Digital issue published to web and app (Joomag)

  • Key benefits:

  • Storing and reusing content across media channels: print, web, digital issues

  • Save time and achieve maximum efficiency, less copy/paste and re-writing



  • See your content develop in real-time and track changes as they happen

  • Move, add, edit, copy or delete stories, pages or ads with ease. Drag & drop simplicity

  • Manage deadlines - check story statuses (ex. «Not started», «In progress» and «Finished»)

  • Re-assign and finally approve tasks and stories ready to be published

  • Key benefits:

  • Full preview of all pages (containers) and full overview of the whole issue in the flatplan

  • Assign and track statuses and deadlines

  • Save time and achieve maximum efficiency, you now have full control

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