Making it easier: This is how print-web publishing can be done with one click

Cut and paste, upload and download – these actions are part of every day for many production teams. Cannot the process be more effective? Cannot stories be sent to print and web in one step instead of many?


Morgenbladet newspaper has found the answer. They have created a master hub for all content – both print and digital. Stories from the PagePlanner hub are used in print layouts or exported into the correct website fields in one step. Titles, subtitles and other elements are sent directly to the website. Pictures are automatically resized and cropped. Text revisions are pushed to the website to make sure online articles are updated.


Yngve Bergheim and the team at Ramsalt Lab, specialists in web development, helped create Morgenbladet’s integration between PagePlanner and their Drupal news publishing platform, Ramsalt Media. “There has been a big gap between the print and web workflows because people are forced to use different systems. More and more organisations are doing like Morgenbladet and integrating systems in order to cut down on repetitive processes and increase speed and efficiency,“ says Bergheim.
“A normal work day changes considerably when you don’t get frustrated by cutting and pasting, switching between windows and trying to track copy changes. The more articles are published to web, the greater the savings gained from integration.”

Dramatic differences

Børre Haugli, Production Editor, confirms that the difference has been dramatic for Morgenbladet. “We are extremely happy with the integration between systems. It has simplified and streamlined digital publishing and journalism. Our world is easier and less resource intensive.”