Why use?

Consumers want great reading experiences, but producing magazines, newspapers and large brochures for print and web can be time consuming and costly.

PagePlanner revitalises and simplifies your publishing process so that teams can work better – together. Whether you are looking to streamline print workflows or lower the costs of publishing to multiple devices, PagePlanner brings together people, processes and technologies like no other. The results are tighter collaboration between design and editorial teams, shorter development cycles, and easier repurposing of content for a broader range of channels including print and web.

Streamline workflows

Streamline workflows

Are you instantly updated with your draft publications? Can you share and reuse content across channels? Is advertising space being optimised? PagePlanner will help you streamline and integrate workflows:

  • organising several publications and processes simultaneously

  • automating processes where possible, without sacrificing creative freedom

  • eliminating time consuming rounds of emails by having a single point of entry and storage of content

  • tracking changes as they happen for greater control

  • storing and reusing content across media and brands with ease

Increase collaboration

Increase collaboration

You can help large or small teams work more effectively by providing them with a centralised publishing system.

  • help everyone envision publications as they develop to improve quality and reduce revisions

  • enable contributors to add and revise text to a publication from a web-browser (Freelance Portal) at the same time designers are using Adobe InDesign

  • discuss and share comments to improve editorial quality

  • lower the risk of losing content or documentation that is stored on local computers by having a central content repository

Publish to many channels

Publish to many channels

PagePlanner improves the speed content is published to every channel – print, web or social media. From a central editor, content is repurposed or sent to the channel of your choice.

  • save time by managing text for different channels from one interface

  • reduce the chance of errors by eliminating the need to copy and paste text between print and digital channels

  • send content to correct channels using your existing web content management system

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