We understand you have a lot at stake and our service team is always ready to help you find the best way forward. Do you have questions or you have spescial requirements, our experienced consultants will help you continuously to improve your publishing process.

Before you start

  • workflow analysis – review the current situation and clearly state goals of new workflow
  • technology-fit assessments – clearly assess costs/benefits of integrating with existing advertising systems, web content management systems, and image or file management systems
  • competence mapping – evaluate staff skills and identify training and development needs
  • organisational alignment – build a roadmap to align people, processes and systems, integrating new workflow, new competencies, new quality structures and the correct use of resources


  • configurations – configure the system and templates to the way you work
  • training and enablement– provide a series of tailored courses
  • integration services – work alongside your IT team to integrate and test systems according to the requirements outlined in the technology assessments


  • first-line support – copntact us directly with your questions and receive personal attention
  • advanced learning and development – we offer advanced courses in PagePlanner usage to ensure your optimal use of functionality, by managers and editorial and design teams
  • fitness tests – we also provide you with a 6 month follow up and a yearly review and assessment of your changing business goals and publishing requirements

How can we help you?

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