3 steps to the right editorial system

It’s a confusing landscape out there. There are many software products for editors, designers and content development teams that look similar on first glance. Visit any of the industry conferences or trade shows and you are likely to experience information overload. So how do you go about choosing the right system or choosing a new one when the old one isn’t doing what it should?

The feature articles in the latest issue of Allt om Tidskrifter, a magazine published by the Swedish Association of Magazine Publishers, give a fantastic overview of everything from how an editorial system works, to what people using the leading systems really think. Experts like Marcus Lönngren, from Gothia Media, tell that “businesses need to realise that it isn’t “just” about a new system – it’s about an organisational change.”

We’ve translated “3 steps to the right editorial system” written by Sara Hörberg, to help you on your way.